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Diocese Of Davenport

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Welcome to CMG Connect
The Diocese of Davenport training hub

This new system will help walk you through training requirements for your organization.

If you have done training in the past and set up an account, you will use that same username and password.  Please click the ‘Sign In’ tab at the top of the screen.

If you are new to training, please set up an account.  You will be asked to complete all required boxes.  We recommend using your email as the username.

Please complete all required fields.  Your information is confidential and will not be used for any marketing. 

If you would like to get updates when training requirements are available, please include your email.

Follow the next three steps below to finish registering your new account:

1. Select your primary parish, school, or organization. Scroll through the list or begin typing your location.

2. Select your role from the drop-down list. 

3. Select a participation category. If you do not know which checkbox to select, please contact your local coordinator or the Diocese.

Employee with children = Youth Minister, DRE/CRE, Sacramental Prep, Organist with Children’s program
Employee with Vulnerable Adults
Employee (no contact) = Organist, Director, Admin Assistant/Secretary, Office Staff
Volunteer with children = Overnight chaperone, Totus Tuus, VBS, Children Liturgy, NCYC, Host Parents, Chaperone, Parent, Grandparent, Playground
Volunteer with Vulnerable Adults = Homebound, Nursing Homes, Drivers of VA
Volunteer (no contact) = Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Volunteer (other)
Priests / Deacon / Candidate = Priest, PLC, Pastoral Associate, Deacons, Seminarians, Candidates for Ordination, Director of Vocations, Director of Seminarians
Catechist = Catechist
IA Licensed Educator = Coach/Athletic Director, Teachers (Active & Subs), Admin/Principal/Assistant Principal/President, Paraprofessional (Licensed), Librarian, Learning Specialist, Preschool (Licensed)
IA Licensed Non-Educator = Counselor, Child Care (DHS), HDC – Special Needs Supervisor, Parish/School Nurse
School Employee (Not Licensed) = Student teacher, Lunch Room, Office Staff, Aide, Director, Admin Assistant/Secretary
Finance = Business Manager, Accountant, Bookkeepers, CFO
Drivers = Drivers (on behalf of Diocesan/Parish business), Bus/Vehicle Drivers for AHS
Maintenance/Custodial (Not School) = Maintenance, Custodial/Janitor, Housekeeper, Lawncare

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